Best Digital Marketing Schools

There are many schools out there. The hardest thing for high school students is what college/university do I pick? The first thing is what major do you want to go for? Than ask yourself what school? Some of my friends have asked me what schools are best. I am currently going for a Degree in Digital Marketing. When picking my school I did a lot of research and this is what I found about the best digital marketing schools.

Harvard Business School – While they don’t have a Digital Marketing Degree. They do have a new class for this topic. The class is called “Driving Digital and Social Strategy” This class is for marketing majors to learn more on this field. Obviously this is a top pick for me based on the fact that it’s at Harvard University. However, let’s be serious Harvard Business school is extremely hard to get into.  Want more information on this class? Harvard Business School

University of Michigan – Dearborn – Of course being that this is my school, I am going to mention this program. On a serious note, this is truly one of the best schools to get a bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing. They are one for the few schools that have a whole degree dedicated to this subject. Their website has a ton of information so I recommend clicking on the link to learn more. University of Michigan – Dearborn.

University of Denver Master’s Program– If you already have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and you want to get your masters, this school is for you. Since digital marketing jobs are in high demand I would recommend getting a Master’s Degree in New Media and Internet Marketing from The University of Denver.

These are my top 3 choices for digital marketing schools.


Careers in Digital Marketing

Many college students aren’t aware of what they can do with a digital marketing degree. The University of Michigan – Dearborn has information on why to get a degree in this new field. They breakdown the jobs that are available and the money you can make going into digital marketing. Most jobs have a starting salary of at least $50,000. Got you interested? Check out U of M – Dearborn’s website.


Many people forget that knowing how to communicate professionally is key to be a successful student and employee. For example when giving a  presentation there are a few ticks to ensure an effective prevention. These steps include:

1. Preparation – You need to know your purpose and your audience before you start planning what to say.

2. Organizing Data – You need to capture attention in the introduction, than organize the body, and lastly summarizing in the conclusion.

3. Build Audience Rapport – To do this you need to create effective imagery, use verbal signposts, and nonverbal messages.

4. Planning Visual Aids – Using visual aids will help you to keep your audience interested. To do this you can use multimedia slides, overhead transparencies, and handouts.

Lastly there are keys to making a great multimedia presentation.

Step 1 – Start with text.

Step 2 – Select background and fonts.

Step 3 – Choose images that help communicate your message.

Step 4- Create graphics

Step 5 – Add special effects.

Step 6 – Create hyperlinks to approximate the Web browsing experience.

Step 7 – Engage your audience by asking for interaction.

Step 8 – Save your presentation.

After following these steps and guidelines you have it set a great foundation for a flawless presentation.

The last key thing to do to make sure your presentation is perfect is to practice, practice, and practice. Many people over look this part thinking they can just wing it. However the more you practice the less you look at your notes and more comfortable you look.


How To Be A Successful Student

In today’s world everyone has different ideas of how to be a successful student. In my experience the number one key to doing well is organization. If you don’t have a system of keeping track of what to do when it’s due and your current progress it makes it harder to keep yourself focused. My tips for organizing your life

  • Have on planner that has everything in it. Either use a daily planner or even an app such as iStudiz.
  • Mark down on the first day of class all the due dates listed in your syllabus.
  • Use a binder or folder for each class (keep each class information separate).
  • If you tend to lose documents for a class I recommend a binder with tabs so that you have designated area for everything.
  • I recommend color coding class information to make it easy to identify what binder is for what class
  • Always have a flash drive for electronic files. Make sure you have separate folders for each class as well as descriptive titles for documents.

Other tips I have for being a better student are as follows:

  • Don’t procrastinate – I know it is easier said than done. However if you wait for the last minute you leave an opportunity for error. The longer you have before a due date the more time you have to alter or improve.
  • Don’t skip class – when you miss class you can miss out on participation points that may help make up for a bad exam grade.
  • Take the time needed for each class and use that time wisely.

I hope these tips help you as well as they have helped me.