How To Be A Successful Student

In today’s world everyone has different ideas of how to be a successful student. In my experience the number one key to doing well is organization. If you don’t have a system of keeping track of what to do when it’s due and your current progress it makes it harder to keep yourself focused. My tips for organizing your life

  • Have on planner that has everything in it. Either use a daily planner or even an app such as iStudiz.
  • Mark down on the first day of class all the due dates listed in your syllabus.
  • Use a binder or folder for each class (keep each class information separate).
  • If you tend to lose documents for a class I recommend a binder with tabs so that you have designated area for everything.
  • I recommend color coding class information to make it easy to identify what binder is for what class
  • Always have a flash drive for electronic files. Make sure you have separate folders for each class as well as descriptive titles for documents.

Other tips I have for being a better student are as follows:

  • Don’t procrastinate – I know it is easier said than done. However if you wait for the last minute you leave an opportunity for error. The longer you have before a due date the more time you have to alter or improve.
  • Don’t skip class – when you miss class you can miss out on participation points that may help make up for a bad exam grade.
  • Take the time needed for each class and use that time wisely.

I hope these tips help you as well as they have helped me.


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