Many people forget that knowing how to communicate professionally is key to be a successful student and employee. For example when giving a  presentation there are a few ticks to ensure an effective prevention. These steps include:

1. Preparation – You need to know your purpose and your audience before you start planning what to say.

2. Organizing Data – You need to capture attention in the introduction, than organize the body, and lastly summarizing in the conclusion.

3. Build Audience Rapport – To do this you need to create effective imagery, use verbal signposts, and nonverbal messages.

4. Planning Visual Aids – Using visual aids will help you to keep your audience interested. To do this you can use multimedia slides, overhead transparencies, and handouts.

Lastly there are keys to making a great multimedia presentation.

Step 1 – Start with text.

Step 2 – Select background and fonts.

Step 3 – Choose images that help communicate your message.

Step 4- Create graphics

Step 5 – Add special effects.

Step 6 – Create hyperlinks to approximate the Web browsing experience.

Step 7 – Engage your audience by asking for interaction.

Step 8 – Save your presentation.

After following these steps and guidelines you have it set a great foundation for a flawless presentation.

The last key thing to do to make sure your presentation is perfect is to practice, practice, and practice. Many people over look this part thinking they can just wing it. However the more you practice the less you look at your notes and more comfortable you look.



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